Simple Solutions that can Make a Big Difference

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Missed Call Text Back

Problem: A prospective customer calls but no one is on your side is there to answer the call. The prospective customer moves on and calls your competitor.

Solution: An automated SMS (text message) goes out imemdiately asking how you can help.

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Call a "plumbing company" at

(650) 399-7111

Incoming Lead Instant Response

Problem: The business who responds first to an incoming lead form request has 78% chance to get the job. Most business let the lead go cold before they respond.

Solution: An automated SMS and email that goe immediately to the lead, acknowledging receiving the request. Then follow up with a live call from a rep.

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Submit your service request and watch the responses that come in (text and email).

Quote Request Form

Review Request & reminders

Problem: Many companies neglect asking for a review from a satisfied customer. And over time lose business to other companies with more reviews and higher rating.

Solution: An automated SMS and email goes to the customer after the work is complete, asking for a review. Then send reminders until received.

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Enter your phone number and email and click "Submit".
Important: Click the link in the text message and try 1,2, or 3 rating; then 4 or 5 rating.

Review Request Form

Appointment Reminders

Problem: After an appointment is set for a sales call, or an estimate, some leads can become a "no show" (not showing up for the appointment).

Solution: A series of automated SMS and email messages goes to the customer to remind them of the upcoming appointment.

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Schedule an appointment. Watch the reminders come in.

Lead Warm-up

Problem: Not all leads are ready to buy right now (about 3%). Some need more information to make a decision (about 37%). Most businesses ignore them and lose those sales.

Solution: An email sequence that educates and warms up the lead. The more "touch points", the more likely they'll end up buying from you. 

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Submit your service request and watch the educational email sequence coming in (check your email inbox and spam box).

Lead Nurturing Form
Plumbing service needed

Specials Campaign

Problem: Many businesses are happy with the first transaction with a new customer. But by not trying sell more in the future, they leave money on the table.

Solution: Run periodical campaigns with special offers to bring customers back and increase their Life Time Value (LTV).

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Submit your details (as if you were an existing customer) and watch the specials campaign coming in (SMS and email).

Specials Campaign Form

Repeat Food Customers

Problem: Restaurants give specials to lure first-time customers. But many neglect to re-invite them. Which can be much cheaper than printing coupons or running a Groupon campaign.

Solution: Collect the customer details for an instant discount; then send SMS and email campaigns to invite them back.

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Scan the QR Code you'd find in a restaurant like Tony and Alba Pizza with your mobile phone. Then follow the instructions and watch the invitations to come back.