The 3 Machines

Picasso did not invent colors; Mozart did not invent notes; Chef Ramsey did not invent food ingredients.

Yet each of these masters was able to combine the basic ingredients to create masterpieces of paintings, music, and gourmet food, respectively.

Marketing is the same. The skilled marketer can combine basic ingredients like a website, email, Social Media, video, etc. to create a complete marketing system. In fact, every marketing system needs 3 machines to address the various phases in the life of its target audience:

  • Prospecting Machine: responsible for prospect generation
  • Lead Machine: responsible for lead nurturing
  • Customer Machine: responsible for customer retention and referrals

The report shows what are these machines, how they are connected together, and what basic ingredients could participate in each.

It finally puts order to the madness of Digital Marketing and gives you a framework to design which ingredients to combine in yours.

Stop performing random acts of marketing.  Create a system that generates prospects, nurtures leads, and retain customers.

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