Our Simple, 3 Step Process

And You Are On Your Way to a Fresh Marketing Start!


Step 1: Tell Us About Your Business

Tell us a little about your business to start a conversation.

We will follow up with some more questions just so that we have full understanding of your product/service, your customers, and your goals.

This knowledge is the foundation to everything that follows.




Step 2: We Create a Simple and Effective 1-Page Marketing Plan

This 3×3 matrix on a 1-page document captures the essence of your marketing. 

It is simple to understand and remember, and because it is simple and easy to understand – you will feel compelled to actually implement it


Step 3: Together, We Execute the Plan Daily

As your Marketing Conductor – should you choose to use us for that – we will implement the plan and follow it on a daily basis.

We will spot external changes as they occur, and make the necessary adjustments.

What doesn’t change are your marketing objectives.


Step 1: Tell Us About Your Business

Do you provide a product, service, or both?

Are you serving local customers, or nationwide?

Are you currently doing any active marketing?

What is your current main business objective?

Almost there! What would be the best way to communicate with you?