Every month in America, business people are bleeding cash.

Hundreds, thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars of ineffective marketing are wasted — without them even being aware of it.

Are you one of them?

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    Eliminating the Red Zone!

    When analyzing marketing tools for your business: advertising, mailers, coupons, etc., each tool falls into 1 of 4 zones:

    1. Used and effective
    2. Used and not effective
    3. Not used and effective
    4. Not used and not effective

    The following diagram illustrates it.

    Marketing Tools in your business

    The Red Zone represents the marketing tools you are currently using that are not effective.  You should really stop using them.

    Why? Because they cost you money but are not producing any meaningful prospects, leads, or customers.

    In other words – they are a “Marketing Waste” which bleeds you hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars without you even noticing it.

    Save Hundreds or even Thousands of Dollars in 3 Easy Steps


    We have a 10-minute phone call to discover if there is potential Marketing Waste in your business. If yes –


    We collect information from you or your staff and create your Marketing Waste report.


    You eliminate the waste and pocket the cash savings.

     And the cost to you? It’s really ZERO!

    Here is how.

    If we cannot find any savings, there is no charge to you.

    If we can find savings but they are below $1,000, there is still no charge to you.

    Only if we find savings of $1,000 or more, the cost of the report is $497.
    But even then you are at least $503 ahead ($1,000 saving – $497 cost of the report). And depends on what we find, you could be saving thousands of dollars.

    ZERO-Cost Guarantee!

    Remember – your marketing waste is cumulative. With each passing month, your marketing waste losses just keep adding up.

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    If you suspect you lose money on ineffective marketing but just don’t know how, where, why, and how much – don’t delay.


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