When you put an offer in front of your prospective customers (or clients or patients), how many of them will take you up on your offer immediately?

The answer to the question is of course “it depends”.

  • Is it the right audience?
  • Does your product or service solve a real problem these people have?
  • Is the price right?
  • How urgently is your solution needed?

While there is no one answer, there are some statistics across industries which can be used as a reference.


Here is a famous pie-chart that shows how customers are divided. 


The chart shows that 3% are ready to buy now – the first time they see your offering.

60% would never buy from you (for whatever reason).

And 37% are potential buyers, but not immediately.

While 3% conversion rate (from prospect to buyers) is considered good, 40% (3+37%) is even better!

But how can you get those extra 37% to buy from you?

The answer is: it’s in the follow up.