BNI - Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Rani get his marketing degree?

Haas School of Business, Berkeley, California.

What is the basic cost of an ad campaign to increase exposures?

Google Ads: the cost is made of ad-spend (how much Google charges to show your ads) and management fee (our fee to create the campaign and manage it. The management fee depends on the number of keywords. Starts at $1000 / month.

What did you do in the military?

I was in the Israeli Air Force, working on an avionic computerized weapon system.

What is the most challenging thing in digital marketing?

People. Finding what customers want, and managing expectation of business owners.

What is the average ROI when someone uses one of your marketing programs?

We aim at a short term goal of positive ROI (don't lose money) and a 10X (1,000%) on your marketing investment in the long run. This is in line with the 10-12% companies spend on marketing on average.

How did you get started doing marketing?

The company (Real X Software) started as a sotware development firm. We moved toward marketing when customers started asking us to create exposure and awareness for the software systems we built for them.

What help can you provide a business owner working on a small marketing budget?

We can provide solutions for (almost) any budget. For example, creating a marketing plan that the business owner can then implement themselves. Or doing the full implementation and monitoring on the other end of the spectrum.

We will start by providing a free assessment of where the business in currently, and what can be done to improve and grow their revenue through marketing.

How long have you been doing digital marketing?

Since 2012.

What is the typical life of a client with you?

Some are short term (one-off); others stay for years.

What do you actually do for a client?

The ultimate goal of marketing is to increase revenue and profitability by introducing customers who need a solution to the company that produces it.

As such, we start by creating a marketing plan. Mapping the target audience for the company's products/services; create the proper message that would resonate with them; and recommend the media channels through which the company can reach those customers.

From there we go into implementation which can involve revising their website and other online assets, creating inbound (search, Google Ads) and outbound (email, Facebook Ads) marketing campaigns, nurture the leads that are coming in through Customer Experience Automation (CXA), and retain the new and existing customers to maximize LTV (Life Time Value).

What is your process when you meet a new client?

We will engage in a 15-30-minute call to see if the overall objectives match. If so, we will continue with our research and a one hour strategic marketing call. And finally present a proposal to do marketing services.

Do you create websites?

As a company we do create websites. However, we have an excellent website designer in our chapter that I highly recommend you approach him (Greg Holsen). What the website designer usually does not do (by their choice) is optimizing the website for search (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) which is one of the highest ROI marketing channels out there. We can help your company do that after the web designer has completed their work.

How do you approach a social media campaign ?

Social media campaigns, from our experience, are excellent in TOF (Top of Funnel) stages - meaning creating awareness. They are also great for retargeting campaigns. The campaigns can be done through posts (organic) or ads (paid), or a combination of both (ads referring to posts).

What is your preferred medium of outreach?

Cold email.

What can you do better than other digital marketing firms?

We come from an engineering background and so we take a structured, measuring approach to markeing. We may try various channels, messages, and audiences. But after monitoring and measuring results - we will drop the losers and scale up the winners. That lead to maximizing ROI. 

Do you have any connected online/offline programs?

We believe that digital marketing gives you the most accurate data on your marketing dollars. However, if you have a proven offline marketing channel (print, postcards, radio, etc.) we can certainly create tracking and attribution of customers coming from those channels.