The 3 Fishermen of Bass Lake

There were 3 fishermen fishing in Bass Lake in July

Tom was going every day to the same spot, hooking a bait to his fishing rod, and waiting.



By the end of the day, he’d come home to his wife, prepare the fish he caught (if he was lucky) for a dinner-for-two, watch TV and goes to sleep.

The second fisherman, Dick, was going everyday to the same spot as Tom, but he used several fishing rods with different type of baits, each one to attract a different kind of fish.



By the end of the day he’d go home to his wife, prepare the several fish he caught for themselves, their children, and a few good friends, watch TV and go to sleep.

The third fisherman (no, his name was not Harry) – Allen, also came to the same spot as Tom and Dick.

And just like Dick – had multiple fishing rods in the water with different baits.



But Allen also brought with him his son (in the picture) and many of his neighbors’ children and sent them to different spots around the lake.

And by the end of the day? (Click on the Right to see)


By the end of the day Allen had so many fish, he has started the “Bass Lake Fish Company”.



This is a Modern-day Tale

So a few clarifications are in order.

  1. While the main characters were men, their wives did far more important things than fishing.  Like managing the family stock portfolio performance online, help the children do homework in Math and Science, or run their own businesses.
  2. This is not about child slavery, either.  The kids Allen brought with him were generously-compensated with the next-generation video games, tickets to Warriors’ and Giants’ games, and bags full of Twix.
  3. While the names of our fisherman are made-up to protect their privacy and prevent identity theft, the moral of the story is not.

The moral of the story?

Fishing was clearly just an analogy. The real lesson here is about your business.

In your business you try to attract customers to your product or services.  This is marketing.

Each type of customer requires a different incentive (bait).

Customers may be in different physical or digital locations around you (spots around the lake).


  • If you prefer a hit-or-miss flow of customers, do like Tom.
  • If you want to have a small local but relatively stable flow of customers, be like Dick.
  • But if you want to diversify, secure, and grow your business by attracting different types of customers and in different locations, you need to be an Allen.

How many rods in the water does your business have?

You know what – it doesn’t really matter.

Because we can show you a new way to multiply your potential customers exposure at least x100 – in one accurate stroke.