We Help You

Transform Your Marketing

to Get More Leads and Customers

Often without spending a single additional dollar

To see how

enough If you are not getting results from your marketing

There is one reason for it 

Your Website has 3 Seconds.

To capture your visitor’s Attention.

Or they are gone.

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You Have 27 Seconds.

To pique their Interest and invoke a strong Desire so that they Take Action and become a Lead or a Customer.

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2 Questions.

Does your website currently create Attention, Interest, and Desire in 30 seconds or less?

Does it generate enough leads and customers for your business?

If you’re not getting the results you need from your website — or from your marketing dollars in general


We Help Businesses
Transform Their Marketing
to Get More Leads and Customers

Often without spending a single additional dollar

Is it really possible?

Can your business be a candidate for a zero-additional-cost marketing transformation?

Who We Are

We are the marketing division of Real X Software, Inc. Our company has been in business for over 10 years and served clients like Wells Fargo Bank, Visa International, Applied Materials, and a slew of small, mid, and startup companies.

What We Do

We work with businesses to increase their leads, customers, and revenue, while maintaining a positive ROI (return on investment) of their marketing dollars.

We do that by building a automated Marketing Machines which continuousy generates leads, customers, and revenue.


Our Difference

Leveraging Technology

We use a quantitative (analytical) approach which stems from our engineering background. And we use programming and technology to stitch together multiple platforms to create unique systems not normally available to other marketing companies.

Research-Backed.  Results-Driven

We do an extensive market research of your target audience and competitors; then test different approaches on a small scale; and finally, drop the losers and scale up the winning methods.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

While other marketeers might try to lure you with the latest shiny objects in social media, video, artificial intelligence, search engine optimization and others, we use a down-to-earth approach supported  by solid numbers of ROI and CAC (customer acquisition cost) to guide you. In other words – no fluff.


The combination of these advantages means saving valuable marketing dollars to your company, and getting to your optimized Marketing Machine faster.

Working With Us Is Easy

1. Tell Us Where You  Want to Be

Fill in the quick form when you click the button below so that we get to know you better. Or simply call us.

We will do our research, have a strategy session with you, and go over the possibilities.



2. Receive Your Roadmap

With your permission, we will carefully craft a marketing plan and roadmap for your business.

You can implement it yourself, hand it over to you internal marketing team, or use us.


3. Let’s Go!

If you choose us to implement the plan – great! We will get to work promptly.

We will set up the marketing platforms, write the content, and make sure that all the systems work together smoothly.

Expect periodical progress reports, and timely adjustments based on the dynamic market conditions. We are with you every step of the way!

Ready to see how we can help you reach your destination?

“Over the past year I have consulted with you … implementation occurred right on schedule, with a high degree of quality … our target launch date was met…”

T. Denney

Director, IntelliChoice

“Thank you for the results you have produced … I have gained a deep appreciation for your professionalism, ability to communicate, knowledge, hard work, and dedication to ‘doing the job right’. “

J. Thomas

VP, Televere

“The Internet Group at Packard Bell NEC would like to thank you for your help and commitment in launching the NEC-Now project … The professional, pleasant and relaxed interaction between you and the other teams working on this project were critical to the successful launch of our initiative.”

U. Eliyahou

Director, Packard-Bell NEC