Transform Your Marketing

to Get More Leads and Customers

- often without spending a single additional dollar!

If you are not getting the results you need from your marketing,
don't rush to make changes just yet. Because

There is One Reason for it


Marketing Mismatches often result in

    Wasted marketing money

    Not enough leads and customers

    Frustration, disappointment, anger








    What are Marketing Mismatches?

    Here are some typical examples

    (flip through them)


    Selling Ice to the Eskimos

    Mismatch: Market-Product

    The Eskimos do not need more ice. They have plenty.

    Try instead selling heaters to the Eskimos or ice in the Sahara desert.

    "Best Marathon Sneakers for the Golden Years"

    Mismatch: Market-Message

    Using the marathon theme would probably not resonate well with this audience.

    Try instead "Best stability shoe to walk safely around your home".

    Teenager clothing full-page ad in the Yellow Pages

    Mismatch: Market-Medium

    Teenagers don't use the Yellow Page. Most don't even know what it is.

    Try instead paid ads on Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok.

    "I graduated the Plumbing Academy with honors!"

    Mismatch: Market-Attention Span

    The homeowner needs a fast solution to the leak that threatens to destroy their brand new hardwood floor. They couldn't care less about the plumber's academic achievements.

    Try instead to display the phone number in big red fonts and next to it: "24/7 Emergency Service".

    While such mismatches may seem trivial,

    you'll be surprised how many businesess commit similar marketing sins.


    Unfortunately, sometimes all it takes is

    just one mismatch

    to lose your audience - and the sale...

    But wait...


    Fix those mismatches

    And your marketing could run like a well-oiled machine!








    At Real X Marketing,

    the marketing arm of Real X Software, Inc.,
    this is exactly what we do

    We help businesses like yours

    Find their marketing mismatches.
    Fix them.
    And use the money they saved to

    Fund new growth of leads, customers and profits.

    Here is how it works In 3 Steps

    1. Connect

    Have a 15 minutes free meeting with one of our experts to assess your mismatches and how much money you lose.

    2. Find and Fix

    We map the significant mismatches your business has, create a plan how to fix them, and show you how much money you could save.

    3. Re-invest and Grow

    Use the money saved to invest in the revised marketing plan to see your leads, customers, and profits grow.

    "Over the past year I have consulted with you … implementation occurred right on schedule, with a high degree of quality … our target launch date was met…"

    T. Denney

    Director, IntelliChoice

    "Thank you for the results you have produced … I have gained a deep appreciation for your professionalism, ability to communicate, knowledge, hard work, and dedication to 'doing the job right'. "

    J. Thomas

    VP, Televere

    "The Internet Group at Packard Bell NEC would like to thank you for your help and commitment in launching the NEC-Now project … The professional, pleasant and relaxed interaction between you and the other teams working on this project were critical to the successful launch of our initiative."

    U. Eliyahou

    Director, Packard-Bell NEC

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