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1-Page Marketing Plan that Could Change Your Business!

Revamp Your Marketing  •  Get Customers  •  Grow

Do You Struggle with Your Marketing?


Does your income resemble a "Yo-Yo"?


Do you have difficulties getting leads?


Do you wonder where your next customer will come from?


Are your Digital Marketing results disappointing?

If your business faces unpredictable income, a drop in income, or a flat one, we will create a simple 1-Page Marketing Plan whose daily execution will allow you to consistently get customers, gain stability, and grow

Here is What’s Happening

Many companies who built thriving businesses are faced all of a sudden with unpredictable income, the defection of customers, letting their best workers go, and in some cases (Kodak, Blockbuster) – are even forced to close their doors. For good.

It can happen to businesses of any size: small, medium, or large.

And while each situation is different, there is a common thread to them all.

The Problem?

We have found the enemy and it has been living among us.  And its name is:



That’s right.  The word that projects progress, improvement, and a better life.  That presidential candidates use relentlessly during their campaigns. Which inspires revolutions.  And that gives many consumers their next thrill.

But there are other types of change that can happen.  To businesses.  And unless properly managed, can wreak havoc and bring a business to its knees.


It is this Duality of Change that can make or break a business.

Change Comes in Many Forms



People change.  Exposure to information and technology change their tastes and desires. What yesterday was considered innovation, today is just a feature.  We live in the “Age of Impatience”. And customers demand more for less.

How well do you still know your prospective customers?



Technological advances may make existing products obsolete. And similarly – new ways to serve your customers may render your old practices ineffective.

Are you following technological advances in your industry and taking advantage of them?


Media and Message

The Internet has changed the way information is consumed and communicated.  And new digital venues are added daily.  Many previously-popular channels just stopped being effective.

What also changes is what we can say (being politically-correct, etc.) and how often we need to communicate our message.

Are you capitalizing on new, effective media, and discard obsolete ones?

Is your message above the noise, part of the noise, or below it?



The government changes the rules.  Google changes the rules. Facebook changes the rules.  Cultural developments change the rules.

And it all happens now faster than ever.

Are you still following the old rules?

Random Acts of Marketing Just Don’t Cut It

While many businesses are aware of these changes, their approach to dealing with them can often be described as “Random Acts of Marketing”.

“Let’s build a new website; do SEO (search engine optimization); start a Facebook ad campaign; produce a new shiny video; Oh wait – I heard that an email campaign is the way to go.”  The list just goes on and on.

Some may work for a while.  You may even believe you have conquered the new Digital Marketing frontier.  But then change happens.  And they stop being as effective as they used to.

No wonder so many business owners are frustrated.

If you are skeptical about this whole Digital Marketing thing – you have every right to be so!

So How Do You Handle Change?

As the saying goes: “Fight Fire with Fire”.

You fight Change with … Change!

Simply put, you need to know what marketing activities work for your business and when an external change happens, make the necessary adjustments to put things back on track.

You cut losers and scale winners.  And you do so on a daily basis.

With the fast-paced way things are happening these days, businesses have no alternative but to react in real time to change and quickly implement countermeasures.

But you have a business to run.  Who is looking after your marketing?

Wanted: A Marketing Conductor You can Trust

First, what is a Marketing Conductor?
Just like an orchestra has instrument players and a conductor, your marketing system needs marketing specialists (SEO, Social Media, Email experts, Video producers, etc.) and a Marketing Conductor to coordinate all their efforts.

The marketing conductor tracks what works and notices what stopped working, adjusts marketing strategies and tactics as needed, experiments with new methods, and is responsible for generating prospects, leads, and customers consistently.

Many business owners believe they can be the marketing conductor for their company.  But in reality, their focus and attention are on their area of expertise.  And so in actuality, what needs to be a daily marketing effort, becomes a sporadic one that usually takes place only when revenue goes down.

That creates the “Income Yo-Yo Effect”.

And that’s why the Marketing Conductor should not be you!

The Secret is in the Combination

Since 1997, Real X Software, Inc., and its marketing division – Real X Marketing – have been helping small, medium, and large companies in developing custom software solutions and marketing strategies.

With a strong background in engineering AND business (our founder has an MBA from a top business school in the USA), the marriage of these two disciplines has created special solutions for our clients.

More so, through the use of technology, we were able to create marketing tools that give us an advantage over the competition. It this combination of engineering and marketing skills that make this happen.

Below is a list of a few of the more recognized names we worked with over the years.


We’ve Been in Your Shoes…

As a software company, we were riding high.  With high profile clients, increased demand for services. Recognition. We had it all.  Then the market changed.  And we neglected to take notice in time.  Revenue dropped.  We had to let key employees go.  Morale was low.

That’s when we realized that our entire marketing strategy was based on hope.  Hope to meet prospects. Hope to turn prospects into leads. And hope to convert a lead into a client.  While the market was growing we were too busy serving our clients.  When the market changed, our marketing activity picture showed its ugly face.

It was a painful analysis, but a necessary one. And going to our roots as engineers, we were searching for a systematic way.

The Solution: 1-Page Marketing Plan

With a Business School background, creating a business plan was something we knew how to do.  The problem was – and still is for many businesses: implementing the business plan almost never happens as intended.  It’s just too hard.

And so a much better approach is to focus on just one section, yet the most important part: the Marketing Plan.  Then ensure it is:


Simple to Create


Simple to Understand


Simple to Execute

And since we live in an ever-changing world, the plan needs to be dynamic and adaptive to changes in the market, technologies, media, and rules.

The 1-Page Marketing Plan is a concept created and popularized by Allan Dib.  It is an easy-to-visualize 3×3 matrix, with each row dedicated to one of the 3 main phases of marketing:

Prospect Generation

Lead Nurturing

Customer Retention

The 3 Machines

To implement the 1-Page Marketing Plan, there are “3 Machines” that are responsible for each of its phases.
  • Prospecting Machine
  • Lead Machine
  • Customer Machine

Each machine systematizes the part it handles.  Just like the different parts of your vehicle – engine, wheels, electrical, etc. – are performing a certain function very well.

And when these machines work in harmony, they deliver the experience you expect.

The good news?

Many elements of the machine can be automated.

Yes, we know you have heard of drip campaigns, Social Media posts, SEO, etc.  It’s just that no one has ever explained to you before how they’re supposed to work together.

How can you Harness the Power of the 1-Page Marketing Plan?

A simple, 3-Step Process


Step 1: Tell Us About Your Business

What is your service/product, your existing customers, what in your marketing works, and what doesn’t.

Learning about your marketing goals and how you plan to achieve them.




Step 2: We Create a Simple and Effective 1-Page Marketing Plan

This 3×3 matrix on a 1-page document is the culmination of thoroughly understanding your business.  Then pairing it with the appropriate marketing methods to generate a consistent flow of prospects, nurture leads, turn leads into customers, and engage them.

It is easy to understand, and its simplicity compels you to actually follow it.


Step 3: Together, We Execute the Plan Daily

The plan is static. Implementing it and monitoring its results puts things in motion.

And since external changes are bound to happen, it is important to observe and making the necessary adjustments.

The means may change; the objectives should not.


Who Is It For?

Are you experiencing any, some, or all of these in your business?

  • Your income feels and looks like “Yo-Yo”
  • You are not sure where your next customer will come from
  • You are fed up with marketing methods that stopped working (or actually never worked)
  • You prefer to focus on the vision of the company, operations, and/or your area of expertise
  • You see marketing as a necessary evil but know that getting customers is the most important process of your business to survive and thrive
  • You are being bombarded with digital marketing offers but are skeptical since many business owners (maybe even you) got burnt before


Is that you?

Visions of Success

Imagine, what could happen if you indeed implemented a simple marketing plan which worked well and in harmony?

  • A consistent flow of prospects?
  • A regular conversion of prospects into leads?
  • A predictable process that converts leads into customers, and then have these customers refer even more customers to you?
  • Would that give your business stability and a platform for growth, rather than relying on random “hope marketing”?
  • Not worrying about paying the bills?
  • Allow you to deliver your customers the quality service or product you always wanted?

And maybe, just maybe, enable you to finally fulfill the true reasons that got you into business in the first place.

Some say it’s The Journey.

Others say it’s The Destination.

We think it’s both.

And it all starts by taking the First Step.

The Road Took a Turn

But the GPS Said Keep Going Straight

The road to Carmel-by-the-Sea along the California Highway 1 is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful routes one can drive.

And while many sections of the road are straight, allowing the driver to sneak a peek and enjoy the scenery, there are segments in which the road takes abrupt turns on the cliffs leading to the Pacific ocean.

Not noticing these curves in time – or blindly following the GPS advice – can result not only in not reaching your destination but in ending the journey prematurely.  With a flat tire. Or worse.

In a similar fashion, many businesses’ marketing efforts are just accidents waiting to happen.

While the business is on the road to a beautiful financial destination, unexpected changes take place. And no one tells them to take the right (or left) turns in time: change their marketing methods, change their message, evolve their product/service, or be aware of new rules and regulations.

If they keep doing what they are doing, it will likely lead to drop in revenue, need to let great workers go, customers defecting, low morale, and eventually not being able to pay the bills.

Let the Real X Marketing team
help You Transform Your Business for stability, growth, and peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the 1-Page Marketing Plan limited to any specific industry?

A: No. It is based on general principles and so can be used in virtually any industry.

Q: Are the Marketing Conductor and the 1-Page Marketing Plan linked together?

A: The 1-Page Marketing Plan is as its name suggests – a plan.  The role of the Marketing Conductor is to coordinate the execution of the marketing plan for the business.  In addition, the Marketing Conductor is in charge of noticing when change happens and make the right adjustments.

Q: If I have you create the 1-Page Marketing Plan for our business, does this mean that I need to hire you guys also as the Marketing Conductor?

A: Absolutely not.  You are free to choose whoever you want as your Marketing Conductor. We just recommend you hire one, since having the business owner functions as a Marketing Conductor is not recommended.

Q: Is the 1-Page Marketing Plan only for Digital Marketing?

A: No. It uses whatever media reaches your target audience.  For example, if they normally read a certain newspaper or magazine, that’s where you need to reach them.  If they spent a lot of time on Facebook, your message will reach them there.

Q: I already have a web designer, Social Media expert and SEO guru. Do I still need to hire your services?

A: We provide services that cover planning (1-Page Marketing Plan), management (Marketing Conductor), and implementation (web design, Social Media, Video, etc.) We can assist your business at any of these levels. Normally you’d hire us to do the 1-Page Marketing Plan. And if you have already implementors you are comfortable with, we’ll be happy hand over the plan to them or work with them. It is really your call.

Q: Do you provide any guarantee?

A: Absolutely! When we create the 1-Page Marketing Plan we will share with you the first 1/3 (the Prospecting Machine). You will be able to see and feel the difference and appreciate the quality of the work. If you are not 100% convinced of the value we bring to your business, we will refund 100% of our fee, no questions asked.

Q: Am I locked into a long-term contract when I hire you?

A: Not at all. We believe in providing value every step of the way. If you feel you do not receive it (or that your objectives have already been met) you can decide to terminate the engagement at any time.