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“We help busy business people who need a cost-effective marketing solution,
string together the most powerful Digital Marketing tools for their particular situation —
so that they can achieve new customers, income stability, and growth

Our Custom-Tailored Services Meet Your Exact Needs

Marketing Audit Report

This report reveals what works in your business – and what doesn’t, website visitor analysis, conversion rate, online reputation, SEO ranking, and who are your digital competitors.

Strategic Marketing

Accurately define who are your customers, locate the right media channels, clarify your message, discover your real competitors, identify growth opportunities and threats.

We then create a 1-page marketing plan to reach your objectives.

Tactical Marketing

String together digital and offline tools, like action-driven web funnels, social media, email sequences, local listings, rich media content, video marketing, and others.

The objective is clear: get prospects, nurture leads, convert them to new paying customers, and retain existing customers.

Marketing Conductor

Coordinate all the marketing systems and service providers (especially if you already use them already) to create a unified, well-tuned marketing machine which generates leads, convert them to customers, and fosters growth.

Some of the High-Impact Digital Tools we use with One Objective in mind:

Get and Retain Customers for Your Business

Web Funnels

High-producing websites which call to action, get leads, and convert them to paying customers.

They look great on both desktop AND mobile.

See work below.


Social Media

Syndicate your content across multiple social media sites to lure different audiences into your business.


If a picture’s worth a 1,000 words, a video’s worth 1,000 pictures.

Tell your story in motion because many don’t have the patience to read text.

Use video for both prospect-getting AND lead-conversion.


Portfolio SEO

For local businesses: beat the competition by targeting your business in the search engines for every neighborhood and city  around your location.

Faster and much more effective than traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Ask to see live examples.



To bring visitors to your business immediately, we use ads on Google and Social Media. 

Then use retargeting to bring them back in case they left empty-handed.

Optimizing your campaigns and finding new opportunities are key to lower your cost and improve return-on-investment (ROI).

And we know how to do that.

Here is What Real X’s Clients Had to Say About Us

Over the past year, I have consulted with you … implementation occurred right on schedule, with a high degree of quality … our target launch date was met…

T. Denney

Director, IntelliChoice

Thank you for the results you have produced … I have gained a deep appreciation for your professionalism, ability to communicate, … knowledge, hard work, and dedication to “doing the job right”. 

J. Thomas

VP, Televere Systems

The Internet Group at Packard Bell NEC would like to thank you for your help and commitment in launching the NEC-Now project … The professional, pleasant and relaxed interaction between you and the other teams working on this project were critical to the successful launch of our initiative.

U. Eliyahou

Director, Packard-Bell NEC

Did you know?

You Could Double, Triple, even Quadruple the Number of

Visitors you get from your free Google Business Listing!

But first You need to set it up correctly

Google Busines Listing (better known as “Google My Business”) is free service from Google, giving online searchers valuable information about your business.

The top 3 listings appear on the first page of Google under a map.  These top-3 listings (also known as the “3-Pack”) is such a great source of visitors and leads that business owners pay experts handsomely to bring them to the 3-Pack.

One of the most important steps to reach there – which you can do yourself – is to optimize your listing.

Here are the most important items to optimize.  


Name, Address, Phone number (NAP)
Make sure these are consistent across your other online properties, like your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


You can list up to 10 categories. Most businesses do not know that and use only one.


Business Hours
The more detailed your listing, the more Google will know you take it seriously and giving your customers accurate information.


Description of Services and Products
Use keywords people are searching for when looking for the type of services or products you offer.


Optimize your images to include the geographical information about your location (Geo-Taging. Ask us if you don’t know how to do it), as we ll as keywords related to your business. And upload lots of images.

Don’t have the time to do it?

We can help!

For just $19 our experts will optimize all the listed items so that your listing is complete and attractive to Google. Just give us a few details and we shall do the rest.

Bonus:  we’ll reveal to you the categories your competitors on the maps 3-Pack are using.

Ordering is simple. Just click the button below.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Featured Service: Portfolio-SEO

If you serve local customers in your city, why not position your business in Google in the surrounding towns and cities as well?

And if that sounds good, how about targeting people in every neighborhood in your city and those surrounding locations as well?

With our Portfolio-SEO service, it is now possible to do it – inexpensively!

Check the map coverage before and after.

Traditional SEO

Positioning your business for one location and only a handful of keywords(products and services you offer).

Moderate cost, and results normally come in a few months (3-6).


Positioning your business for tens or even hundreds of locations AND multiple keywords.

For a fraction of the cost it would take to do all this with Traditional SEO, and results in many cases come in a few days.

Are people really searching for businesses in neighborhoods?

Willow Glen is a neighborhood in San Jose, California.

We checked Google’s database for average monthly searches of different professions in Willow Glen.

Take a look at the results.

KeywordAverage Monthly Searches
dentist willow glen880
yoga willow glen390
nail salon willow glen320
hair salon willow glen260
sushi willow glen260
crossfit willow glen170
massage willow glen170
pilates willow glen70
urgent care willow glen50
wine bar willow glen50
eyelash extensions willow glen40
pet store willow glen40
acupuncture willow glen20
optometrist willow glen20
shoe store willow glen20

Could your business benefit from Portfolio-SEO?

If you serve local customers at your location or at their place, the answer is most likely: YES.

Fill in the form by clicking on the button below.  We will do the research and let you know what the real numbers are.

Case Studies: Effective Lead Generation Web Funnels

These web funnels tell a story. They present the value proposition right from the beginning, keep the visitor interested in what the business has to offer while providing social proof (testimonials), information about the company and its members, strong CTAs (call-to-action), and offer compelling lead-magnets in return for the visitor’s contact information.

They are especially effective on mobile phones, where users prefer to scroll up and down a page instead of clicking around between web pages.


Use the scroll bar on the right of each panel (or your thumb inside the panel on mobile) to see the full length of the web funnel. 


Heating and Cooling services

RoadRunner Moving

Moving services

Estate Assured

Estate Planning legal website

Go2 Design Studio

Interior Design

Do you want a beautiful multi-page website that gives your visitors the content they need?

Or an effective Web Funnel which is highly-focused on getting you leads, appointments, and customers?

We do them both, but being a results-oriented firm, you can probably guess where our recommendation would go.

We offer fully-customized websites and web funnels, as well as lower-cost, template-based solutions for certain industries.

Click below to get a quote.


Featured Service: Video Marketing for Real Estate Agents

For Real Estate professionals: tell Your story and the story of your Listing using video.

We turn pictures into moving video frames, add professional voice-overstimulating background music and your animated logo.

With our fast turn-around, these videos can be prominently displayed on your website, converting visitors into customers.

But also we can rank them in Google, which will bring fresh home seekers to your listings.

Watch the Agent Profile clip and the Property Listing tour and imagine how YOUR business can benefit from such videos.

Real Estate Agent Profile Clip

Real Estate Property Listing Tour

Do you need a Professional Video to promote your business or your product/service?

We can do the same for any business!

Ever Wondering Why Getting Customers Got Harder?

Here is What’s Happening

Many companies who built thriving businesses are faced all of a sudden with unpredictable income, the defection of customers, letting their best workers go, and in some cases (Kodak, Blockbuster) – are even forced to close their doors. For good.

It can happen to businesses of any size: small, medium, or large.

And while each situation is different, there is a common thread to them all.

The Problem?

We have found the enemy and it has been living among us.  And its name is:



That’s right.  The word that projects progress, improvement, and a better life.  That presidential candidates use relentlessly during their campaigns. Which inspires revolutions.  And that gives many consumers their next thrill.

But there are other types of change that can happen.  To businesses.  And unless properly managed, can wreak havoc and bring a business to its knees.


It is this Duality of Change that can make or break a business.

Change Comes in Many Forms



People change.  Exposure to information and technology change their tastes and desires. What yesterday was considered innovation, today is just a feature.  We live in the “Age of Impatience”. And customers demand more for less.

How well do you still know your prospective customers?



Technological advances may make existing products obsolete. And similarly – new ways to serve your customers may render your old practices ineffective.

Are you following technological advances in your industry and taking advantage of them?


Media and Message

The Internet has changed the way information is consumed and communicated.  And new digital venues are added daily.  Many previously-popular channels just stopped being effective.

What also changes is what we can say (being politically-correct, etc.) and how often we need to communicate our message.

Are you capitalizing on new, effective media, and discard obsolete ones?

Is your message above the noise, part of the noise, or below it?



The government changes the rules.  Google changes the rules. Facebook changes the rules.  Cultural developments change the rules.

And it all happens now faster than ever.

Are you still following the old rules?

Random Acts of Marketing Won’t Cut It

While many businesses are aware of these changes, their approach to dealing with them can often be described as “Random Acts of Marketing”.

“Let’s build a new website; do SEO (search engine optimization); start a Facebook ad campaign; produce a new shiny video; Oh wait – I heard that an email campaign is the way to go.”  The list just goes on and on.

Some may work for a while.  You may even believe you have conquered the new Digital Marketing frontier.  But then change happens.  And they stop being as effective as they used to.

No wonder so many business owners are frustrated.

If you were skeptical about Digital Marketing – we can certainly understand why!

Wanted: A Marketing Conductor You can Trust

Just like an orchestra has instrument players and a conductor, your marketing system needs marketing specialists (SEO, Social Media, Email experts, Video producers, etc.) and a Marketing Conductor to coordinate all their efforts.

The marketing conductor tracks what works and notices what stopped working, adjusts marketing strategies and tactics as needed, experiments with new methods, and is responsible for generating prospects, leads, and customers consistently.

Many business owners believe they can be the marketing conductor for their company.  But in reality, their focus and attention are on their area of expertise.  And so in actuality, what needs to be a daily marketing effort, becomes a sporadic one that usually takes place only when revenue goes down.

That creates the “Income Yo-Yo Effect”.

And that’s why the Marketing Conductor should not be you!

Who We Are

Since 1997, Real X Software, Inc., and its marketing division – Real X Marketing – have been helping small, medium, and large companies in developing custom software solutions and marketing strategies.

With a strong background in engineering AND business (our founder has an MBA from a top business school in the USA), the marriage of these two disciplines has created special solutions for our clients.

More so, through the use of technology, we were able to create marketing tools that give us an advantage over the competition. It this combination of engineering and marketing skills that make this happen.

Below is a list of a few of the more recognized names we worked with over the years.


The Solution: The 1-Page Marketing Plan

With a Business School background, creating a business plan was something we knew how to do.  The problem was – and still is for many businesses: implementing the business plan almost never happens as intended.  It’s just too hard.

And so a much better approach is to focus on just one section, yet the most important part: the Marketing Plan.  Then ensure it is:


Simple to Create


Simple to Understand


Simple to Execute

And since we live in an ever-changing world, the plan needs to be dynamic and adaptive to changes in the market, technologies, media, and rules.

The 1-Page Marketing Plan is a concept created and popularized by Allan Dib.  It is an easy-to-visualize 3×3 matrix, with each row dedicated to one of the 3 main phases of marketing:

Prospect and Lead Generation

Lead Nurturing and Conversion to Customers

Customer Retention

The 1-Page Marketing Plan

(By Alan Dib)

The 3 Machines

To implement the 1-Page Marketing Plan, there are “3 Machines” that are responsible for each of its phases.
  • Prospecting Machine
  • Lead Machine
  • Customer Machine

Each machine systematizes the part it handles.  Just like the different parts of your vehicle – engine, wheels, electrical, etc. – are performing a certain function very well.

And when these machines work in harmony, they deliver the experience you expect.

The good news?

Many elements of the machine can be automated.

Yes, we know you have heard of drip campaigns, Social Media posts, SEO, etc.  It’s just that no one has ever explained to you before how they’re supposed to work together.

How can you Harness the Power of the 1-Page Marketing Plan?

A simple, 3-Step Process


Step 1: Tell Us About Your Business

What is your service/product, your existing customers, what in your marketing works, and what doesn’t.

Learning about your marketing goals and how you plan to achieve them.




Step 2: We Create a Simple and Effective 1-Page Marketing Plan

This 3×3 matrix on a 1-page document is the culmination of thoroughly understanding your business.  Then pairing it with the appropriate marketing methods to generate a consistent flow of prospects, nurture leads, turn leads into customers, and engage them.

It is easy to understand, and its simplicity compels you to actually follow it.


Step 3: Together, We Execute the Plan Daily

The plan is static. Implementing it and monitoring its results puts things in motion.

And since external changes are bound to happen, it is important to observe and making the necessary adjustments.

The means may change; the objectives should not.


Who Is It For?

Are you experiencing any, some, or all of these in your business?

  • Your income feels and looks like “Yo-Yo”
  • You are not sure where your next customer will come from
  • You are fed up with marketing methods that stopped working (or actually never worked)
  • You prefer to focus on the vision of the company, operations, and/or your area of expertise
  • You see marketing as a necessary evil but know that getting customers is the most important process of your business to survive and thrive
  • You are being bombarded with digital marketing offers but are skeptical since many business owners (maybe even you) got burnt before


Is that you?

Visions of Success

Imagine, what could happen if you indeed implemented a simple marketing plan which worked well and in harmony?

  • A consistent flow of prospects?
  • A regular conversion of prospects into leads?
  • A predictable process that converts leads into customers, and then have these customers refer even more customers to you?
  • Would that give your business stability and a platform for growth, rather than relying on random “hope marketing”?
  • Not worrying about paying the bills?
  • Allow you to deliver your customers the quality service or product you always wanted?

And maybe, just maybe, enable you to finally fulfill the true reasons that got you into business in the first place.

Some say it’s The Journey.

Others say it’s The Destination.

We think it’s both.

And it all starts by taking the First Step.

The Road Took a Turn

But the GPS Said Keep Going Straight

The road to Carmel-by-the-Sea along the California Highway 1 is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful routes one can drive.

And while many sections of the road are straight, allowing the driver to sneak a peek and enjoy the scenery, there are segments in which the road takes abrupt turns on the cliffs leading to the Pacific ocean.

Not noticing these curves in time – or blindly following the GPS advice – can result not only in not reaching your destination but in ending the journey prematurely.  With a flat tire. Or worse.

In a similar fashion, many businesses’ marketing efforts are just accidents waiting to happen.

While the business is on the road to a beautiful financial destination, unexpected changes take place. And no one tells them to take the right (or left) turns in time: change their marketing methods, change their message, evolve their product/service, or be aware of new rules and regulations.

If they keep doing what they are doing, it will likely lead to drop in revenue, need to let great workers go, customers defecting, low morale, and eventually not being able to pay the bills.

Let the Real X Marketing team
help You Transform Your Business for stability, growth, and peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the 1-Page Marketing Plan limited to any specific industry?

A: No. It is based on general principles and so can be used in virtually any industry.

Q: Are the Marketing Conductor and the 1-Page Marketing Plan linked together?

A: The 1-Page Marketing Plan is as its name suggests – a plan.  The role of the Marketing Conductor is to coordinate the execution of the marketing plan for the business.  In addition, the Marketing Conductor is in charge of noticing when change happens and make the right adjustments.

Q: If I have you create the 1-Page Marketing Plan for our business, does this mean that I need to hire you guys also as the Marketing Conductor?

A: Absolutely not.  You are free to choose whoever you want as your Marketing Conductor. We just recommend you hire one, since having the business owner functions as a Marketing Conductor is not recommended.

Q: Is the 1-Page Marketing Plan only for Digital Marketing?

A: No. It uses whatever media reaches your target audience.  For example, if they normally read a certain newspaper or magazine, that’s where you need to reach them.  If they spent a lot of time on Facebook, your message will reach them there.

Q: I already have a web designer, Social Media expert and SEO guru. Do I still need to hire your services?

A: We provide services that cover planning (1-Page Marketing Plan), management (Marketing Conductor), and implementation (web design, Social Media, Video, etc.) We can assist your business at any of these levels. Normally you’d hire us to do the 1-Page Marketing Plan. And if you have already implementors you are comfortable with, we’ll be happy hand over the plan to them or work with them. It is really your call.

Q: Do you provide any guarantee?

A: Absolutely! When we create the 1-Page Marketing Plan we will share with you the first 1/3 (the Prospecting Machine). You will be able to see and feel the difference and appreciate the quality of the work. If you are not 100% convinced of the value we bring to your business, we will refund 100% of our fee, no questions asked.

Q: Am I locked into a long-term contract when I hire you?

A: Not at all. We believe in providing value every step of the way. If you feel you do not receive it (or that your objectives have already been met) you can decide to terminate the engagement at any time.